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The histroy of Hand-Pulled Noodles with Beef

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In the glorious age of Tang Dynasty, people were very paticular about food. However, people from the East who enjoyed gorging theirselves preferred to get the delicacy and ennergy from grain and chop soup.
With beef bulalo, ground grain, and pliability from the way of human-pulling, Hand-Pulled Noodles with beef was very popular throughout China and abroad. Nowadays, by exploring the most original flavor, braising soup and hand-pulling noodles in a traditional way, Jin Weide is dedicating efforts to make the most authentic Lan Zhou Hand-Pulled Noodles with beef. This is not only a story of a bowl of noodles, but it's more like the memory and continuation of the culture.

Features of Lan Zhou Hand-Pulled Noodles with beef

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Clear and light

With beef bone and chicken, plus the 20 types of seasonings from China, the soup is stewed for 6 hours. It's limpid and light with aroma.

Noodle 1


The radish is white like jade. It's soft and tender with great aroma and flavor.

Noodle 2


With 8 types of chili pepper blended in proportion, the chili oil is red and bright with mellow taste.

Noodle 3


The parsley is green like emeralds with rich aroma.


Type of Noodles

The noodles are hand-pulled on site per the requirement from the customers on the noodle shape and degree of thickness

1. Thin noodles Hand- pulled for 7 times, the diameter of thin noodles is 2 mm. The threaded noodles look like waterfalls in the hands of the pastry cook, which is the most popular type among Lan Zhou local peoples.

2. The third thinnest Hand- pulled for 6 and a half times, the diameter of thin noodles is 2.5 mm, a little bit thicker than thin noodles. It’s more pliable, which is as popular as thin noodles.

3. Thick noodles. Hand- pulled for 4 times with width of 15 mm. It's thin and wide, but it's the most pliable mong all types of the noodles.

4. Prismatic Noodles Hand- pulled for 6 times, which is like a test of the skills fo the pastry cook. As the intersecting surface is a triangle, prismatic noodle is the most special one among all types of hand-pulled noodles.

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